Electrical Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

Electrical faults are among the major causes of fires in homes, businesses and industrial spaces today. In fact, there are several kinds of electrical faults that are commonly known to start fires in most living and work places including overloaded circuits, wiring problems, mishandling of electrical appliances among others. While you may not stop these issues from happening, there are a few tricks through which you can prevent the risks.

Useful electrical safety and prevention tips

Only use industry standard electrical systems

Most people experience frequent electrical fires because of using sub-standard electrical systems and appliances. Poor quality products are subject to constant malfunction and damage that only increases the risks of fires on the building. Make sure that all the electrical systems installed on the building including switches, power outlets and cables meet the quality standards. You should also avoid using sub-standard or cheap electrical appliances like entertainment systems and lighting to ensure electrical fire safety.

Regularly check and maintain all the electrical installations

Although some electrical faults present a wide range of easily noticeable symptoms, others do not show any and are only detected after causing a serious problem. You do not want to experience a fire in order to know that it was caused by a fault on your electrical systems. For proper assessments and maintenance of your electrical systems on a regular basis, you should hire a professional to perform the procedures.

Routine checks on the electrical installations will facilitate the early detection and resolution of potential electrical fire threats. During the assessments, any likely electrical issues should be clearly documented and reported for immediate and appropriate action.

Properly diagnose and repair or replace electrical faults

You never know when faults on electrical systems might turn disastrous. In case you suspect any kind of fault or damage to the electrical systems and applications, make sure that they are thoroughly diagnosed and resolved as soon as possible. You should be enlightened on the common signs of electrical problems like damaged wires, overloaded sockets, burning smells from electrical appliances, flickering lights and frequent circuit breaker tripping.

Regardless of the magnitude of the problem or the affected electrical components, all electrical issues should be immediately diagnosed and repaired. If the damage is beyond repair, appropriate replacements should be made. Postponing the repairs and replacements could only impact more serious problems on the systems, thereby increasing the risks of electrical fires on the building.

Avoid DIY electrical procedures

Whether you are installing a new electrical system or fixing an old one, it is always advisable to avoid DIY projects. Although it might seem like an easier and cost-effective alternative, handling electrical procedures without electrical engineering expertise and tools could only endanger your life. In some occasions, you might even end up damaging the systems, costing a lot more money to fix.

Whenever you need to install electrical systems or fix issues on the devices, simply hire an electrical engineer or licensed electrician to do the job. That will ensures the procedures are conducted safely, quickly and to the best standards for better electrical safety.

Use electrical appliances responsibly

Mishandling electrical appliances is a significant cause of electrical fires in many homes and offices. Always observe the instructions given on the user manuals when using electrical appliances. You should also make sure that all exposed wires are protected against damage from humans, pets and environmental elements. Keep all the wires and power outlets away from water prone areas.

Whenever you are using adapters, always stick to the recommended limits to avoid overloading the circuits. Besides, all idle electrical appliances should be disconnected from the power. Use bulbs and other lighting fixtures recommended for the available wattage or electricity in your home. Overall, avoid any activities that could cause faults on your electrical systems and appliances.

Install a portable fire extinguisher on the building

Having a portable fire extinguisher cannot prevent electrical fires but, can enable you to safely and quickly put out the fires whenever they occur. However, you should be keen to buy Class ‘C’ fire extinguishers that are designed for fighting electrical fires. CO2 fire extinguishers are usually the best for ensuring protection against electrical fires.

In case you are looking to buy a portable fire extinguisher or any other fire safety products Singapore, simply talk to Fire Safety Singapore. We stock quality and industry-standard fire systems and fire safety products for both living and work spaces.

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