Fire Protection System

Fires are among the most common but, highly dangerous incidences experienced in homes, offices and businesses today. Even the smallest fire can bring down a skyscraper in minutes. Fires can take different forms depending on the causes, environmental conditions and response approaches. As a result, containing and stopping the development of fires can sometimes come with several challenges. If you do not know the right protection to engage, you could end up with huge losses.

Since no one ever knows when a fire might break out in their home or business space, it is important that you get an effective fire protection system. At Fire Safety Singapore, we understand the risks of fires and appropriate protective measures that every home owner and business should have in place. Our fire protection system is designed with greater emphasis on versatility and optimum protection from the impacts of different kinds of fires. The system offers you safe ways of dealing with various forms of fire emergencies.

All-inclusive Fire Protection System

The essence of fire protection system is to enable you handle various kinds of fire incidences without any risk of harm or damage to assets. As it suggests, this system helps in reducing the risk of damage to your belongings and injuries during a fire. With the right fire protection system and proper use, you could effectively and quickly stop the fire before it catches up with a significant part of the building. Besides, the response should also be swift to minimize the threats.

An ideal fire protection system comprises of a set of devices and equipment that you should know before buying one. The components may vary from one model to another but, there are essential accessories found in an integrated fire protection system.

We provide the best fire protection system that comes with the following components.

Fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is suitable for immediate response to a fire in a specific area. Fire extinguishers are available in numerous varieties for attacking different kinds of fires. Depending on your needs, you can choose fire extinguishers for putting out fires in the kitchen or rubbish chutes. Portable fire extinguishers are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers use water to cool off and stop fires. Apart from gradually reducing the heat, water also smothers the flames by cutting off oxygen that supports burning. Although it can leave a lot of mess, a fire sprinkler is effective in minimizing damage to assets during fires. Automated sprinkler systems have intelligent functions that enable them to efficiently operate without human intervention.

Fire Alarm and detection systems

For timely and proper response, you also need effective fire alarm and detection systems.  These ensure round-the-clock monitoring of the property and issue instant alerts for evacuation and other response procedures. You can either choose manual or automated fire alarm and detection systems for your building.

Fire blankets

Mainly recommended for fighting small fires at home or in the office, fire blankets offer a quick cushioning to put out the flames. They can also be used to cover the body during evacuation to prevent burns and other dangers. Their effectiveness is because of the ability to rapidly cut off the oxygen concentration, hence, stopping the process of combustion. However, you should first learn how to use fire blankets because they could also cause injury and additional damage if used inappropriately. Besides, they are not suitable for use on large fires.

Gas systems

Also called halon systems, gas systems are designed with intuitive function for putting out electrical fires. Unlike fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems, halon systems use chemicals to control fires by sucking out oxygen from confined spaces. They are mainly recommended for fire protection in indoor spaces with high value equipment like data processing stations.

There are several other components of an integrated fire protection system that we can also provide including stand pipes, smoke control dampers, fire pumps and Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems. Our goal is to provide quality and efficient fire protection systems that will enable you to not only save lives and minimize destruction to property but, also maintain proper fire safety standards at home and in the business.

At Fire Safety Singapore, we promise only the best fire protection system that truly meets your needs and budget. Get in touch with us now for the ultimate fire protection system solutions Singapore.

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