Fire presents a wide range of significant risks in both living and work areas. Apart from causing injuries to people, fire can also result in massive destruction to property. In serious cases, fire can even lead to fatalities. There are various common causes of fire in buildings including electricity faults, heating appliances, cooking activities, gas leaks, burning wastes among others. Fire could also occur as a result of arson or targeted attacks by criminals.

Despite the causes, fire is a serious threat in homes and businesses that you should know how to effectively handle for safety. One of the ways to preventing fire outbreaks is removing potential fire hazards from the surroundings. Besides, it is also advisable to immediately contact the fire and safety department for help during outbreak. While these measures can ensure safety during fires, you also need convenient fire protection solutions.

At Fire Safety Singapore, we are the professionals in fire systems and solutions as well as essential fire related services Singapore. We understand the risks that fire can put your home and business in and, have the best remedies to keep your property safe from incidences of fire. Besides, we also provide customized consultancy services to enable you ensure compliance with the fire safety regulations Singapore.

Fire Systems and Solutions

In some instances, fire can be detected quickly before it spreads. However, there are many occasions when you will only realize a fire outbreak after it began its destruction. In such instances, the risks are even much higher and any attempt to stop the fire without the right approaches could end up in suffocation, injuries and even death. Fire systems and solutions are designed to detect fire instantly and raise alarm for immediate response.

Fire systems and solutions are recommended for both residential and commercial spaces to protect you against the threats of fire outbreaks. One of the unique benefits of these systems is that they can be automated to work even in your absence, ensuring round-the-clock fire protection for your building and possessions therein.

Various Fire Systems and Solutions we offer

Fire Alarm & Detection System

Fire alarm and detection systems are among the basic fire and safety systems that should be installed on every property. They produce audible alerts to warn people in the building and outside of a fire outbreak. The systems are versatile and, we can install them for you on just any part of the building to also help with monitoring.

Fire Alarm & Gas Detection System

Gas leaks can cause respiratory problems and even result in death. Some harmful and combustible gases can also start fires in buildings. What even makes them more dangerous is the fact that they cannot be easily detected. To stay safe from such risks, we can also install a fire alarm and gas detection system on your property.

Fire Protection System

Fire outbreaks can take several forms. Some fires are usually small and can be easily put out with fire extinguishers. However, there are some fires that can be too risky to attempt putting out with extinguishers. The best approach to safely dealing with such fires is through using a fire protection system. Talk to us to install one in your home or business.

Fire Suppression Systems

To prevent injuries and massive damage to property during fire outbreaks, it is important that incidences are detected and reported immediately. The amount of time that it takes to detect and respond to the fire is critical and, that is why you should also have fire suppression systems to prevent the fire from spreading quickly to parts of the property.

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

There are different kinds of fire suppression systems that you can install for fire safety. However, wet chemical suppression systems provide the best protection. One of the reasons is because they can put out different kinds of fires and, are also quite fast and effective. Besides putting out the fires, they also provide a cushioning to prevent re-igniting them.

Gas Suppression System

Whenever a gas leaks occurs on your building, it should be contained as soon as possible to prevent the spread to other sections. A gas suppression system is the best appliance that can help with making sure that the gas does not spread quickly to parts of the building. They ensure fire safety while also keeping your spaces comfortable and hygienic.

Engineered Smoke Control Systems

Smoke is undoubtedly a sign of fire that should be treated with a lot care whenever it is detected. But, smoke can also cause suffocation, breathing and respiratory problems. With our engineered smoke control systems, you will be able to effectively eliminate smoke and keep your spaces conducive.

Service and Maintenance

Installing the above fire systems and solutions is a great step towards ensuring better fire protection for your home and business. The systems and highly efficient and can deliver the best performance over time. However, just like other appliances, fire systems can also develop problems. The issues can result from a number of factors including mishandling, normal wear and tear.

Fire systems have unique parts and components that work together to ensure their effectiveness in fire protection. Although the systems may still function with certain faulty parts, the performance will be direly affected. To ensure that the systems are running properly throughout, regular servicing and maintenance are essential procedures that must be given proper thought.

At Fire Safety Singapore, we also specialize in professional service, maintenance and repair of fire protection systems. Having been in the industry long enough, we understand the most efficient maintenance and servicing approaches for all kinds of fire protection systems. We can schedule the maintenance and servicing for all the fire protection systems on the building at your convenience.

Fire Safety Protection Testing & Inspection

The SCDF is the arm of the government in Singapore that is responsible for setting, maintaining and enforcing high standards of fire safety in buildings across Singapore. According to the Fire Safety Act, all fire protection systems must be properly tested and inspected by a licensed fire safety engineer for compliance and safety. Without proper testing and inspection, the systems could end up causing even more harm.

At Fire Safety Singapore, we are also licensed to perform fire safety protection testing and inspection for various systems in both residential and commercial spaces. Our services cover but, are not limited to the following systems.

Even if you may need professional testing and inspection for other fire safety protection appliances, do not hesitate to talk to us for the best solutions.

Consultancy Services

Considering the huge risks of fire outbreaks, there are various measures for ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations Singapore. Whether you are constructing a new building or renovating an old one, there are a number of conditions that must be met for fire protection and safety. To an ordinary home or business owner, you may not understand all the procedures and how to go about them.

Fire Safety Singapore also offers tailor made QP/PE consultancy services so you know exactly what should be done for fire safety compliance. We provide consultancy services for a number of fire safety and protection related issues including.

Our consultants are highly trained and experienced on matters fire protection and safety to always deliver personalized services that truly meet your needs.

Fire Safety Products

The fire systems and solutions discussed above are ideal for ensuring early detection and fast response to fires. While some appliances can serve both purposes, there are some that can only perform one function. For instance, fire alarm systems are only for giving alerts during fire outbreaks. With such systems, you also need additional fire safety products to prevent the impacts of fires.

As the name suggests, fire safety products are designed to facilitate better response so that the people and possessions in the building are not harmed during fire outbreak. Besides, some also serve detective functions, raising instant alerts in cases of fires. We offer a wide range of fire safety products for both homes and businesses. The main products that we cater for include the following.

Apart from the ones listed above, we also offer other fire safety products like fire smoke control damper, fire pumps, fire alarm panel, fire blanket, and smoke escape masks. Sometimes, it can take time before a fire team responds to your call. Some of these fire safety products can help keep you and others safe from the effects of fire before help arrives.

In case you may want to learn more about fire protection and safety, you can also head over to our Fire Safety Blog. We have a dedicated blog with information about frequently asked fire safety questions as well as other useful topics including fire prevention tips, office fire safety and many more. As you will find out, there are some issues that can be easily resolved without necessarily hiring a fire safety professional.

Why Choose Fire Safety Singapore

While some may consider fire protection and safety solutions as luxurious investments, there are endless benefits that come with taking the step. At Fire Safety Singapore, we are the experts in fire protection and safety that you can always count on for reliable and efficient solutions. We offer the following guarantees.

Our company serves both residential and commercial property owners with a guarantee of customized fire protection safety solutions tailored to your building, expectations and budget. Get in touch with us today for the ultimate fire safety protection solutions in Singapore.

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