Portable Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are perhaps, the most common and easily identifiable fire safety equipment found in almost every residential, commercial and industrial property today. Besides just meeting the requirements of fire codes, portable fire extinguishers offer greater convenience in fire management on buildings. A portable fire extinguisher can help put out small fires faster before they develop into bigger threats. As a result, having one will enable you to avoid accidents and significant property damage during fire emergencies.

Portable fire extinguishers are undoubtedly the most popular fire protection systems. The fact that they are portable contributes to greater flexibility in their application. The fire extinguishers vary in sizes but, are relatively light in weight so they can be easily moved for use in different sections of the building whenever fire breaks out. Besides, using them requires no expertise, which also ensures convenient fire response. At Fire Safety Singapore, we stock an array of quality portable fire extinguishers for both living and work spaces.

Choosing Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers serve a wide range of applications when it comes to fire safety. They can be used in homes, offices, business spaces, hospitals, schools and industrial establishments. However, the products are offered in numerous types for extinguishing different classes of fires that you should know beforehand in order to choose the right one. To make your work easier, we have discussed below, the key aspects for choosing portable fire extinguishers and where to order the best quality. 

There are five main types of fire extinguishers that you can choose from based on the potential fire threats on your premises. These include water, foam, dry powder, Carbon Dioxide and Wet Chemical fire extinguishers.

Portable water fire extinguishers typically contain water as the fire suppression element. They are made for Class A fires that involve rubber, wood, paper, coal, straw, soft furnishings and solid plastics. The cylinders are designed with freeze-proof layers to maintain the water temperatures. Water fire extinguishers are quite simple and cheaper, mainly recommended for hotels, warehouses, schools, shops and homes.

In the category of water fire extinguishers, you can opt for portable water mist or water spray fire extinguishers. Portable water mist fire extinguishers are a new innovation with ultra-fine particles of fresh water as the fire suppression element. They work on Class A, B, C and F fires, hence, their versatility. Portable water spray fire extinguishers on the other hand, carry three or six litres of water suitable for putting out fires involving organic solid matter like clothes, wood, paper and plastics.

Foam fire extinguishers are also a great option, designed for Class A and B fires.  The fire suppression element in the cylinders is pressurized foam that makes them a bit more costly than their water counterparts. Although they leave residues on surfaces, those can be easily wiped off after putting out the fire.

We also offer portable dry powder fire extinguishers, which are suitable for Class A, B and C fires caused by burning solids, gases or liquids. But, you can also choose specialist models with the capabilities to put out Class D fires involving burning metals like aluminium, magnesium or lithium. Since the powder is hazardous, the use of these fire extinguishers requires a lot of caution and well-ventilated spaces. They are not suitable for homes and offices. Portable dry powder fire extinguishers are quite powerful and inexpensive.

CO2 fire extinguishers are filled up with compressed carbon dioxide gas, suitable for Class B fires that involve combustible liquids and electrical appliances. These are also inexpensive and leave no footprints that could damage equipment after use, hence, quite safe for use in areas like offices, data processing centres, banks and hospitals.  

Our company also offers portable wet chemical fire extinguishers, mainly recommended for spaces with threats of Class F fires that involve burning oils and fats. The fire suppression element in the cylinders is a compressed solution of water and alkali salts. These extinguishers can also work on selected cases of Class A and B fires.

Order Portable Fire Extinguishers Singapore

Fire Safety Singapore is the go-to supplier of quality portable fire extinguishers Singapore. We stock all the above types of fire extinguishers in different sizes for every space and budget. Contact us today to order the best portable fire extinguishers Singapore.

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