Emergency Light and Exit Sign Testing & Inspection

Emergency lights and exit signs play two main roles during emergencies like power failure and fires that require immediate evacuation. Foremost, they facilitate the accessibility to the exit points of the building, hence, ensuring the safety of the occupants. Secondly, they also offer sufficient lighting for a limited time to enable the occupants of the building to halt any processes that could be dangerous if left running and, also respond to the emergency.

In most occasions, emergency light and exit signs are installed and left unattended until when an emergency occurs. One of the things that many people do not know is that these systems run on batteries with limited lifespan. As a result, they are often subject to failure, especially when you need them the most. Even if the ‘charging’ light on the unit is lit, it does not guarantee the unit will work during a power outage.

Benefits of Emergency Light and Exit Sign Inspection & Testing

According to the International Fire Code, emergency lighting systems should be able to provide illumination for about one to one and a half hours after a power failure. Besides, the light should also be bright enough to allow the people in the building to safely move to the exit points and, shut down hazardous processes and equipment. To meet these conditions, the systems must be inspected and tested regularly by a professional.

At Fire Safety Singapore, we offer professional and reliable emergency light and exit sign testing and inspection to ensure compliance with all the nation al and international fire safety codes. During the inspection, we will also thoroughly check all the components and parts of the units for potential signs of malfunction. That will ensure faults are detected and resolved on time before they cause serious problems that could endanger lives. Since we also offer maintenance and repair for fire protection systems, you are always covered all the way.

Regular emergency light and exit sign inspection and testing could save you a lot of money in the long term. Through the early detection and resolution of problems with the units, you will be able to avoid costly frequent repairs and replacements. Knowing that the emergency lights and exit signs on your building are in good state will also provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the core activities of your business.

Professional Emergency Light and Exit Sign Testing & Inspection Singapore

We understand the best approaches to emergency light and exit sign testing and inspection to keep the systems running properly all year round. Our procedures are conducted within the provisions of fire safety regulations Singapore and international fire codes. Besides, our technicians can also perform tailor-made inspections and tests for the systems according to your specifications. Nevertheless, we conduct the procedure as explained below.

We recommended and do the inspection and testing for emergency lighting and exit signs on a minimum of three to five weeks or monthly. Our technicians will test and inspect the push buttons. To make sure that the button is effective, it is tested by holding for at least 30 seconds. The light should be able to provide illumination for the entire 30 seconds, failure to which there could be issues.

We also conduct functional emergency light and exit sign testing on annual basis for about 11/2 hours with the battery power on. For yearly tests, the power should be interrupted to initiate the emergency light. The light should be able to light up the areas where it is installed for the same period of the tests.

After every emergency light and exit sign inspection and testing procedure, we will also provide a detailed written record of all the activities performed. The log mainly comprises information about the particular emergency light and exit sign on the building, dates and times of tests and inspection, results of the processes and comments of the technicians regarding failed tests that require servicing, repair or replacement.

In case we establish that any parts of your emergency light and exit sign is faulty during the inspection, our technicians can also provide custom service, repair and replacement. Get in touch with us today for professional emergency light and exit sign testing and inspection Singapore.

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