Gas Suppression System

Gas suppression systems are undoubtedly some of the most sought after fire protection systems today by business owners. However, not all types of fire suppression systems can effectively work for your space. If you are looking for ideal fire suppression system that can effectively save lives and minimize destruction to your assets with easy clean-up and less downtime then, a gas suppression system is the best choice.

Contrary to what some may think, a gas suppression system is a fire protection system that uses gaseous agent to attack and diffuse fires. One of the unique benefits of this system is that it does not cause dampness or leave any contaminants that could cause damage to your assets after diffusing the fire. That makes them the perfect fit for spaces with paper documents and fragile equipment like serves and computers that can be easily damaged by water or harsh chemicals. . 

At Fire Safety Singapore, we are the right partner that can help you get the best gas suppression system Singapore for total fire protection. We mainly recommend this system for telecommunication centres, server rooms, data processing enclosures, offices and museums but, they can still offer greater fire protection in other commercial and industrial spaces too. Our company emphasizes customized gas suppression systems that meet the unique fire protection needs of every building.

How a Gas Suppression System Works

As the experts in fire protection and safety, we believe that the mere installation of a gas suppression system in your home or business is not enough to provide the required fire protection. It is vital that you and other occupants or users of the space also know the system works. Below, we will discuss some of the basic features of a gas suppression system and how they operate to save lives and minimize damage to property during fires.

The main components of a gas suppression system include cylinders, piping network and control unit. The cylinders are filled up with the fire suppression agent or gas and, installed at a safe enclosure, preferably outside the building. They are then, connected to the rooms using pipes. Depending on your needs and budget, you can opt for a manually operated system or an automated one that also integrates fire alarms and detection functions.

This system uses different kinds of gas agents to suppress fires including inert gases, CO2, foam and others. A gas suppression system typically works in two ways. Foremost, it lowers the oxygen concentration in the room to a level that cannot support the combustion process. Secondly, it induces a chemical reaction with the fire by sucking in the heat. That results in the quick breakdown of the entire process of combustion, thereby halting the fire.

In the case of an automated gas suppression system, the control unit will receive signals of a fire alert from the sensors then, trigger the release of the gas agent from the cylinders into the affected areas via the pipes. If your system is manually operated, someone must be around to turn on the valves of the cylinders to discharge the agent into the building during a fire. Nevertheless, both can effectively and quickly diffuse the fires, hence, saving lives and your assets from significant fire damage.

Benefits of Gas Suppression System

Installing a gas suppression system in your commercial space can offer several benefits towards the continuity of your operations. The following are some of the unique merits of a gas suppression system that makes it essential for every business space.

Quick response with effective results

A gas suppression system is normally very fast in putting out fires. The ability of the gas agent to deplete oxygen levels in the room and cool off the burning substances enables it to diffuse fires in the shortest time possible. It is for these reasons that this system can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and property damage during fire emergencies.

Customized for every space

At Fire Safety Singapore, we can provide a gas suppression system specifically tailored to your building and fire protection needs. We can customize the system to your unique space requirements and budget, ensuring optimum fire protection with the least environmental and financial impact. The customization also allows you to choose the gas agent for the system.

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