Engineered Smoke Control Systems

Smoke is one of the key signs of fire that could also cause serious problems if not effectively eradicated upon detection. Smoke usually appears in the form of clouds that contains toxic substances responsible for causing suffocation, skin irritations and, even death if inhaled in large amounts. Smoke produced from large fires can also fill up the rooms quickly, creating visibility problems. With the rooms and hallways covered in smoke, it is easy for the occupants to end up with lots of injuries as they try to evacuate the premises.

The primary role of an engineered smoke control system is to ensure that smoke is safely and quickly led out of the building in case of a fire emergency. Doing so will enable the occupants of the building to exit the building with less risk of injuries. Besides, it will also create a safe platform for responders to work on diffusing the fire. These merits are enough proof that engineered smoke control systems are indeed essential for ensuring better fire protection at home, in businesses and other public spaces.

At Fire Safety Singapore, we are the go-to company for top notch engineered smoke control systems Singapore. Our smoke control systems are intuitively engineered to deliver optimum performance while also significantly reducing the risks of accidents and damage to your assets. Since the structural features and fire protection requirements of buildings usually vary, we focus on the provision of custom engineered smoke control systems for every space and budget. In every project, we guarantee tailor made fire protection solutions.

How an Engineered Smoke Control System Works

Generally, there are various kinds of smoke control systems for residential, commercial and other work and recreational spaces. The features may slightly vary but, all smoke control systems serve the same purpose of driving smoke out of buildings during fire emergencies. The first notable application of engineered smoke control systems is on residential buildings with three or more floors. The Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) is the most popular smoke control system in residential establishments across Singapore today.

The system can be installed in various strategic sections of the building for optimum protection against the effects of smoke. The most suitable places for installing an engineered smoke control system include along the corridors, above the staircases and inside smoke shafts. Unlike most homes, shopping centers and public spaces usually have reserved spaces where occupants can escape to during fires. For buildings with such features, it is always important to also install additional smoke control systems therein.

An engineered smoke control system works in a very simple way. Whenever the system detects smoke in any part of the building, it triggers the ventilations to open up and direct it outside the building via the chimney. The system has two vents; one positioned where it is installed and the other at the top of the chimney. In the event of fire, both vents will automatically open up, releasing the smoke into the atmosphere. The size of the vents and their placement will determine the amount of smoke that they can remove from the spaces and time duration taken to do so.

Benefits of Engineered Smoke Control Systems

Although engineered smoke control systems have been around for some time, some people are still sceptical about the value that they can offer in homes, businesses and public spaces. In case you are wondering, the following are some of the unique benefits of engineered smoke control systems.

Tailored to the requirements of every space

Unlike standard smoke control systems, engineered smoke control systems offer greater flexibility in terms of application. At Fire Safety Singapore, we can provide a smoke control system that is custom-designed to match with the features of your building or spaces where you intend to use them. That will ensure optimum performance for total fire protection.

Cost reductions

Our engineered smoke control systems can also help you minimize injuries and damage to assets during fire at a fraction of the costs. The system can be tailored to your budgetary expectations without compromising performance. Besides, it does not require any costly maintenance, which will also enable you save more on property maintenance costs.

If you are looking for an efficient engineered smoke control system Singapore, simply talk to us for the best solutions. We guarantee high quality engineered smoke control systems for homes, businesses, hospitals, factories, warehouses and other commercial spaces in Singapore.

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