Fire Alarm Panel

Fire alarm panels are linked to multiple sensors that serve as control units for fire alarm systems. Recommended for larger premises and commercial buildings, the roles of a fire alarm panel include monitoring fires, alerting people about fire emergencies and powering fire detection systems.  The panel has several sensors installed in different parts of the building to re-direct information about fire detection to the unit.

The fire detection sensors monitor both temperature and environmental changes in the building then, provide rapid notifications of potential fire threats to the panel. Upon receiving the notifications, the fire alarm panel immediately alerts the occupants of the building about a fire emergency. A fire alarm panel also shows the exact location of the fire in the building. That ensures the safety of occupants and also minimizes property damage. 

Modern fire alarm panels can also be integrated with fire sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems to improve fire protection and safety on buildings. Apart from just alerting the occupants of the building, the unit can also be pre-programmed to automatically send alerts to the fire department during an emergency. Fire Safety Singapore offers the best quality and industry compliant fire alarm panels for residential and commercial spaces.

Choosing Fire Alarm Panels

The value of a fire alarm panel in saving lives and reducing the risks of damage to buildings during fire incidences is undeniable. However, it is always important that you know how to choose a fire alarm panel in order to experience the benefits. Below, we discuss the essential aspects of fire alarm panels to enable you make an informed choice.

At Fire Safety Singapore, we provide two main types of fire alarm panels that you can select based on the size of the building, potential fire threats on the premises and your budget. These include conventional and addressable fire alarm control panels.

Conventional fire alarm panels

Conventional fire alarm panels are designed with several circuits that connect the fire sensors to the unit. This type of panel partitions the building into sections, each with a sensor. The sensors can be placed on each floor or selected parts of the building. Since the fire alarm panel has the floor plans for the building, it will instantly indicate the section where the fire is using a LED light. Installing the unit involves a lot of cabling but, the initial costs are relatively cheaper. Conventional fire alarm panels are suitable for small to medium-sized spaces like flats, restaurants, retail shops and schools.

Addressable fire alarm panels

Unlike their conventional counterparts, addressable fire alarm panels have a sophisticated design. But, they can handle higher capacities and also very flexible in terms of control. The unit is wired via a single or more loops with the sensors marked according to where each is placed on the building. That ensures that the person monitoring the system can immediately know the particular sensor that is activated. This unit not only pinpoints the floor where the fire is experienced but, narrows it down to the precise room. The loops used to wire addressable fire alarm panels ensures greater reliability since signals can still reach the control unit even if some cables experience problems.

Perhaps, the main reason why most people opt for addressable fire alarm panels is their pre-programming provisions. The unit can be pre-programmed to the specific environmental requirements in the building. That enables them to initiate specific responses to different kinds of emergencies. Addressable fire alarm control panels are the ideal solution to concerns of false fire alarms. The system can monitor the flow of air across the smoke sensors to determine dust and debris that often cause false alarms.

Our company also offers wireless fire alarm panels, which are the new-age version of addressable panels. These are primarily recommended for buildings or spaces where cabling is a challenge. Wireless fire alarm panels allow for remote connections with multiple mobile devices, which ensure immediate and better response to fire emergencies. Besides, they also have intelligent capabilities to monitor and report any faults in the system whenever they are detected.

Order a Fire Alarm Panel Singapore

Fire Safety Singapore is the right place to order a fire alarm panel Singapore. We highly recommend these systems for enhanced fire safety in all multiple occupancy residential units, commercial and industrial property across Singapore. Contact us today for the best fire alarm panel Singapore.

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