Fire Systems and Solutions

News of fire outbreaks in homes and business premises are common in Singapore. Whenever such incidences occur, they usually impact lots of damage and losses. In some instances, home and business owners have to start constructions again from scratch. The main causes of fires in Singapore include rubbish chute fires, faulty electrical wiring, and cooking and kitchen accidents. Despite the causes, most of these incidences can be easily avoided with the right fire systems and solutions.

At Fire Safety Singapore, we provide the best fire systems and solutions for homes, commercial and industrial premises in Singapore. After witnessing the dire impacts of frequent fires in Singapore, we believe it is in the best interests of every home owner and business to have these systems. Our fire systems and solutions are aimed at ensuring the safety of people and property as well as rapid response during fires.

We offer a wide range of fire systems and solutions including:

Fire Alarm & Detection System

Whether you are at home or out, it is not always easy to detect fires whenever they start.  Most of the times, people only know about fires when they have already escalated. Our fire alarm and detection system is designed to instantly raise an alert whenever a fire starts in part of the building for immediate response. The alarm produces audible sounds that can easily alert neighbours to your rescue in the event a fire outbreak. That will not only facilitate fast and safe evacuation but, also better response.

Fire Alarm & Gas Detection System

Gas leaks in buildings can also cause fires. Besides, most gases can also spread quite fast without detection, increasing the threats to the people in the building. Whenever people inhale or come into contact with toxic gases like carbon monoxide, they can cause skin irritations, suffocation or even death in extreme cases. To ensure that such issues are determined and contained before impact, you need an effective fire alarm and gas detection system. We can install the system on any section of the property that you prefer.

Fire Protection System

Fires can start and escalate in different forms, which require unique techniques to control and extinguish. Generally, fire extinguishers are the most common systems for dealing with fires. However, some fires require more than just fire extinguishers. Fire protection systems are the best for minimizing injuries and damage to property during huge fires. We offer several systems in this category including fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, halon or gas systems, fire blankets among others.

Fire Suppression Systems 

Sometimes, you may find using fire protection equipment a bit hectic to use. The most suitable replacement for keeping your living and work spaces safe from the impacts of fire outbreaks is fire suppression systems. One of the benefits of fire suppression systems is that they can be custom designed and installed to suit the specific needs of your property. Besides, they can also be integrated with various fire protection systems.

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System

A wet chemical fire suppression system is one of the main types of fire suppression systems in the market today. Unlike its dry counterpart, this fire suppression system uses liquids to extinguish fires. The main reason why it is more effective is because of its immediate response to cooling of fires. Wet chemical fire suppression systems are ideal for kitchens, restaurants and other cooking areas due to its quick reaction to oils and chemicals. However, the system can also be used to effectively contain fires on other work spaces.

Gas Suppression System

Our gas suppression system is also a great option for dealing with fires at home and in business premises. This innovative system contains a gaseous agent that works in two ways to stop fires. Foremost, it sucks out the amount of oxygen required for combustion from the burning materials. Secondly, it facilitates a chemical reaction with the fire, thereby absorbing the heat and putting out the fire. We recommend gas suppression systems for three dimensional spaces like telecommunication centers, museums and data processing centers.

Engineered Smoke Control Systems

An engineered smoke control system is an essential fire safety and protection component of every residential and commercial building. One of the benefits of the systems is that it ensures that smoke is safely and quickly driven out of the building during a fire emergency. That prevents suffocation and accidents that could occur if the smoke remains in the building. As the name suggests, engineered smoke control systems can also be designed and fitted to the requirements and dimensions of your building.

Get Total Fire Protection Solutions in Singapore

While many people understand the practical benefits of fire systems and solutions, only handfuls have them in their homes and businesses. That is why quite a number still suffer huge losses from fire outbreaks in Singapore. At Fire Safety Singapore, we are giving you the chance to take charge of your safety as well as that of your property in the event of a fire. We offer ideal fire protection solutions that will enable you to minimize the risks of injuries, accidents and damage to assets during fires with the least effort.

Our company is founded on the principles of professionalism and transparency to ensure that you always get the ultimate fire protection solutions for your property and budget. Our consultants will assist you in choosing the right fire systems and solutions and, also go ahead to install them at the designated sections on your property. For convenience, we will also take you through the procedures of using the systems to ensure maximum protection against the risks of fires. We guarantee the following.

  • High quality fire systems and accessories
  • Professional fire safety solutions for every home and business
  • Competitive rates for every budget

We understand that every home and business space has unique requirements when it comes to fire protection and safety. As such, our consultants are ready to discuss your options and provide the right quotation for highly effective and efficient fire systems. Talk to us today for total fire protection solutions Singapore.

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