Fire Pump

Water is one of the key fire suppression agent used in most fire emergencies. However, the water should be discharged under high pressure to contain the fire quickly before it spreads to other parts of the building. Normally, the water required for extinguishing fire should have a pressure of at least 100PSI. The primary function of a fire pump is to provide the needed water pressure for putting out flames whenever there is a fire emergency on any part of your building.

Fire pumps improve the effectiveness of fire protection systems by offering the additional pressure required for the water to put out flames. The pump does not produce the water, instead, it is linked to a fire sprinkler or an external water source that is accessible at all times. For convenience, you can also connect the fire pump to a water tank or well. By increasing the water pressure for putting out flames, a fire pump enables you to quickly suppress and contain flames before they become bigger.

Fire pumps are recommended for taller buildings and larger premises that require huge volumes of pressurized water to put out fires. By facilitating the effective response to fire emergencies, a fire pump can go a long way in saving lives while also ensuring that your assets and property is not badly damaged by the flames. At Fire Safety Singapore, we stock the best selection of fire pumps for fire safety in residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

Choosing Fire Pumps

There are several things to consider when buying fire pumps, which could sometimes make it harder for you to select the right one for your premises. As professional fire safety consultants, we always want our clients to know the products that they are buying beforehand. The goal is to enable you find the most suitable fire pump for your building and budget without a lot of trouble.

We offer three main types of fire pumps that include horizontal split case (HSC), end suction horizontal and end suction vertical inline pumps.

The horizontal split case fire pump has a split-designed casing that covers the internal parts. They are equipped with two bearings that enable them to resist the vibrations and thrust during use. The casing of the pump ensures better resilience to pressure that enables it to effectively handle water pressure of more than 5,000gpm. The pump has two points through which the water enters into the impeller, facilitating its efficiency in large scale fire operations including commercial spaces, hospitals and industrial premises.

End suction horizontal fire pumps only have one water entry point into the impeller. Besides, its engine or motor is placed parallel to the other, which ensures better rotation. Since this type of fire pump has just one bearing, it is only suitable in situations that require low to moderate water flow. These are ideal for

In an end suction vertical inline or centrifugal fire pump, the process of water entry into the impeller is similar to that of an end suction horizontal pump. But, it has a unique design whereby the motor is placed on top of the casing. One of the benefits of this type of fire pump is that it conserves space. These are ideal for spaces that require small water flow ranging from 50gpm to about 150gpm.

Another important aspect that you should also consider when buying fire pumps is the powering mode. Our company offers electric and diesel fire pumps. The electric or motor fire pumps are the most commonly used in buildings today. Their unique benefits include rapid start, automated controls and cost-saving. Besides, they also have a simplistic design that ensures the ease of using them. The only setback is that it only runs on electricity.

Diesel fire pumps are also a good pick for fire safety in buildings. However, they require manual operation and are also bulky in appearance. In case your building is located in an area that experiences frequent power outages, the diesel fire pump is the best. The fact that it can independently run even during power outages makes it more reliable.

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