Fire Sprinkler System

A fire sprinkler system is one of the most critical equipment for fighting fire on buildings. Studies show that installing fire sprinkler systems on commercial premises could reduce chances of the loss of lives and property damage by up to 65%. An efficient fire sprinkler system can effectively detect heat, douse fires and also minimize water damage, thereby ensuring the safety of occupants and your assets.

During a fire threat, the high temperatures from heat produced by the flames triggers the expansion of the glycerine liquid in the sprinkler head. That will break the glass on the cylinder head, resulting in the opening of the valves on the system connected to a water source. They will then, allow pressurized water from the pipes to flow out towards the areas where the fires are experienced.

Fire sprinkler systems provide quick response and use almost six times less water that fire hoses, which enable them to easily extinguish fires fast and avoid water damage. With such revelations, there is no doubt about the significant value of having fire sprinkler systems installed on your business or industrial establishment.

At Fire Safety Singapore, we offer the best fire sprinkler systems for proper fire safety in business spaces and industrial settings.

Choosing Fire Sprinkler Systems

With the wide range of fire safety products offered in the market today, making the right choice for a fire sprinkler system may not be the easiest task. Without knowing what to look out for when buying a fire sprinkler system, you could easily end up getting played. That could only put the lives of the people in the building, your assets and the entire property in danger during fire threats.

Generally, there are many kinds of fire sprinkler systems. However, we will discuss the two main types recommended for public buildings today including wet and dry pipe fire sprinkler systems. The choice of a fire sprinkler type is important because it will determine the amount of time that the system takes to extinguish fires.

Wet pipe fire sprinkler

This is the most common type of fire sprinkler found in most commercial establishments today. The system mainly comprises of steel pipes containing water for putting out fires during an emergency. As soon as heat is detected, the system will release water from the pipes to promptly extinguish the fire. The key benefits of a wet pipe fire sprinkler include ease of use, reliability and low maintenance.

However, wet pipe fire sprinklers are not suitable for buildings or spaces that experience very cold temperatures. That is because; they could cause the freezing of the water kept in the pipes, putting you in danger during fire emergencies.

Dry pipe fire sprinkler

Unlike the wet pipe system, this type of fire sprinkler uses compressed air. In the event of a fire threat, the valve on the system will open releasing compressed air. That will change the pressure in the pipes, allowing them to fill up with water after the air is released. It usually takes about a minute for the pipes to fill with water, which is then, released onto the flames under high pressure. The intense water pressure prevents flooding even if the pipes are leaking, which could significantly save your equipment from water damage.

A dry fire sprinkler requires larger pipes and, its maintenance is also not very pocket friendly. Besides, the dry pipe fire sprinkler system is a bit complex and only recommended for use in special conditions like unheated warehouses.

The Safety Code and international fire safety standards require that all public buildings including hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and other commercial spaces have fire sprinkler systems. At Fire Safety Singapore, we stock a huge selection of the best quality fire sprinkler systems for optimum fire safety in all buildings. Whether you are renovating an old property or constructing a new one, our company can provide the right fire sprinkler systems.

Order Fire Sprinkler System Singapore

Depending on the design of the building, your budget and unique fire safety needs, Fire Safety Singapore will recommend and, also provide the most suitable fire sprinkler system. Besides, our company also offers custom service, maintenance and repair of various fire protection systems. Simply get in touch with us for quality and reliable fire sprinkler systems Singapore.

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