Wet and Dry Riser Systems

Although wet and dry riser systems are a common spot, especially on commercial and industrial premises across Singapore, not many people really understand what they are and how they work. Wet and dry riser systems are made up of a network of valves and pipes that enable fire fighters to pump large volumes of water to the top of high rise buildings or areas that are hard to access with other common systems during fire emergencies.

Due to the high pressure required to pump water onto tall buildings, wet riser systems are equipped with duplicate automatic pumps and well as tanks for storing water. The water for the tanks comes from the city mains but, you could also have an alternative water source. Dry riser systems remain empty but, have water inlets at the ground level for supplying water during a fire threat. Besides, they also have landing valves at designated floors or sections of the building for pushing the water to the top floor.

In most cities today, it is a requirement for buildings that rise over 50 meters above the ground to have dry riser systems. Similarly, buildings that are over 18m tall should also have wet riser systems. However, the systems can still be installed in buildings below the stated heights for fire protection and safety. At Fire Safety Singapore, we offer the best quality of industry standard wet and dry riser systems.

Choosing Wet and Dry Riser Systems

Just like when buying other kinds of machines or equipment for your business, investing in wet and dry riser systems requires proper thought. Without knowing how to choose the right wet and dry systems for your property, you could end up with a sub-standard product. That will not only put the lives of the people on the premises at risk but, your assets therein too. Herein, we discuss some of the basics that you should know when buying wet and dry systems as well as where to order the best quality.

Wet riser systems

Wet riser systems are mainly installed on tall buildings to permanently hold water from a main supply network, which in most cases is from the municipal. They are fitted with outlet valves at specific levels of the building to ensure the efficient flow of pressurized water to the top floors. The fact that wet systems permanently hold water makes them quite reliable during fire emergencies, ensuring prompt response.

Dry riser systems

This system comprises of a main water supply but, does not permanently hold water as the wet system. That is why it is called a dry riser system. In case of a fire threat, fire fighters connect hoses to the external inlets on the system with outlets positioned at strategic levels of the buildings to distribute the water. One of the merits of this system is that it allows for the quick supply of large amounts of water to various parts of high-rise building without a lot of piping networks.

Testing, inspection and maintenance

Owing to the value of wet and dry riser systems, it is always important that after installation, they also get tested on location to avoid any uncertainties. Besides, dry systems should be inspected by a professional at least twice every year to make sure that they are in proper condition to serve the intended purposes. At Fire Safety Singapore, we do not only provide wet and dry systems but, also perform custom testing, inspection and maintenance of fire protection systems.

Whenever you buy the systems from our company, we will also provide professionals to handle their testing, inspection and servicing for proper fire protection and compliance with fire safety codes. That will not only save you time and effort but, also significantly reduce your overall costs. Our goal is to enable you get the best quality and efficient wet and dry riser systems for your commercial or industrial premises without any financial burden.

Order Wet and Dry Systems Singapore

Regardless of the size of the property or potential fire threats, we can deliver just the right wet and dry riser systems for optimum fire protection and safety. Simply get in touch with us for industry-standard and affordable wet and dry riser systems Singapore.

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