Performance Based Fire Safety Design

The key objective of performance based fire safety design is integrating the principles of fire engineering with relevant software applications or calculations to ensure compliance with the 2013 Codes of Practice for Fire Precautions in Buildings, also known as the Fire Code. This new approach offers alternatives for ensuring adherence to the Fire Code, which is crucial for saving lives and minimizing damage to assets during fire outbreaks in buildings.

Developing an ideal performance based fire safety design requires a proper understanding of fire science, common and complex fire protection issues, fire safety systems designs among other fire management concepts. As such, it is a procedure that can be quite challenging to building owners and business managers. The best way to avoid all the hurdles in developing a performance based fire safety design is to engage Qualified Persons.

Fire Safety Singapore is the right partner to consult with for developing an efficient and effective strategy that truly meets your building’s fire safety goals and the Fire Code. We can help you create just the right performance based fire safety design to revolutionize your awareness, preparedness and response to fire emergencies on the building over time. Our consultants also include qualified fire safety engineers and RIs that will provide proper advice for informed decision making in every step of the project’s development and implementation.

Developing a Performance Based Fire Safety Design

Performance based approaches to fire safety design in buildings is a new and unique concept with qualitative provisions for the fire Code. However, it leaves it to the building practitioner (building owner and Qualified Persons) to choose the various means of achieving those provisions. Qualified Persons, acting on behalf of building owners or contractors are expected to provide substantial evidence with relevant fire safety engineering theories that the proposed new, additional or alteration works comply with the objective of the Fire Code.

At Fire Safety Singapore, our consultants work closely with clients to ensure that you fully understand all the aspects of the performance based fire safety design beforehand. We understand the process can be complex, especially regarding fire safety engineering concepts. As such, we will try to make things as simple as possible while also ensuring tailor made solutions that will no doubt meet the fire safety goals of your premises.

The process addresses a wide range of areas including the design of fire protection systems, detection systems design, structural fire resistance systems, uncertainties in design and functions. To support the development and assessment of design, we will also conduct fire safety testing and inspection. For motivation, our consultants will provide samples of buildings that have adopted performance based fire safety design as listed by the SCDF.

Our goal is to help you with identifying the primary attributes of performance based fire safety design, reviewing the merits and demerits of the design over the current one and, also offer steps or frameworks for implementing performance based fire safety design. Through inspiration from past projects, our expertise, intuitive fire safety design tools and your imaginations, we are confident to develop a highly efficient and functional performance based fire safety design for every office, hospital, shopping complex, industrial building and other public spaces.

To us, developing an ideal performance based fire safety design is all about ensuring compliance with the Fire Code and, creating the best conditions for saving lives and reducing damage to property during building fires. We emphasize feasible strategies that will truly meet your goals as well as fire safety standards with the least logistical and financial burden. Due to the added flexibility in the application of fire safety in buildings, you can opt for a prescriptive approach, performance based approach or both. The benefit of that is it ensures you get a customized design tailored to your building and needs.

Performance Based Fire Safety Design Consultancy Singapore

Looking for professional help with developing a performance based fire safety design for your building in Singapore? Fire Safety Singapore is the most reliable Qualified Persons that you should engage for expert advice and guidance to develop the right performance based fire safety design for your premises.

By choosing Fire Safety Singapore, you will have at your disposal, experienced fire safety engineers and IRs to guide you through every step of the design development, inspection, testing and implementation. Talk to us today for performance based fire safety design consultancy Singapore.

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