Heat and Smoke Detector

While heat and smoke detectors perform different functions, they are both essential for saving lives and minimizing the destruction of property during fire emergencies. Heat and smoke detectors are used to promptly determine incidences of fire whenever they occur. Having the devices in your home or business will ensure that people are altered of potential fire emergencies as soon as they are detected in any part of the building.

By raising alerts immediately a fire starts in the building, the occupants can quickly evacuate the property without being exposed to risks like suffocation, burns and other accidents. Besides, it also enables responders to deal with the fire in time before it affects a significant section of your premises. Installing a smoke and heat detector in your building is not just a matter of compliance but, critical for the safety of occupants and your assets.

At Fire Safety Singapore, we offer highly reliable, efficient and industry standard heat and smoke detectors for residential, office, business and industrial premises.

Choosing Heat and Smoke Detectors

There are various types of heat and smoke detectors to choose from. The devices serve the same purposes but, vary significantly in term of technology and other features. As such, we understand that choosing the most suitable smoke and heat detector for your home or business premises can be a difficult task. Below, we have discussed the basics of heat and smoke detectors to enable you make informed choices when buying the devices.

Heat detectors are activated whenever they detect a significant increase in the pre-set temperatures for the rooms. These devices are great for detecting fires in small enclosures with high risks of emergencies. Heat detectors are mainly recommended for warehouses, offices and business spaces.

Unlike heat detectors, smoke detectors are very fast in detecting fires. The reason for that is because smoke is usually produced before the flames start ravaging. As a result, they are suitable for rapid fire detection in homes, office spaces, businesses, hospitals, warehouses as well as industrial premises.   We offer three types of smoke detectors including ionization, photoelectric (optical) and dual sensor smoke detectors that combine both technologies.

Ionization smoke detectors are designed with chemical radiation sensors that raise an alarm whenever smoke particles are detected in the air. Due to their ability to detect even the least smoke particles in the surrounding areas, they are usually quicker than optical smoke detectors.  Besides, they can also detect other particles present in the air like cooking fumes and steam from the showers. Ionization smoke alarms are marked with the sign ‘’i’’ on the side, back or front.

Photoelectric or optical smoke detectors use light sensors to detect smoke particles in the areas where they are installed. These are great for detecting smoldering flames in buildings. Photoelectric smoke detectors are distinguished by the inscription ‘’p’’ at the back, sides or front.

Dual sensor smoke detectors have both the optical and ionization sensors, which makes it more powerful and rapid in detecting fire emergencies that the other smoke detectors. The fact that it has both technologies working simultaneously also makes it more convenient since the other can still work in case one fails. At Fire Safety Singapore, we offer a modern version of the dual sensor smoke alarm called the split-spectrum sensor, which is highly recommended for commercial buildings.

When choosing heat and smoke detectors, you should also consider the powering options. The devices are powered by either an in-built battery or hardwired with a pack of battery for backup. The ones with in-built batteries are tamper proof and also come with a warranty. Hardwired smoke detectors must be connected to the electrical system in your building to work. However, they also come with a backup battery to power the system in case of a power failure.

For greater convenience when it comes to fire safety, we provide a huge selection of smart heat and smoke detectors. These are compatible with smartphones and also support wireless connection so the building owner, occupants and fire departments can always get immediate fire alerts remotely in real time.

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