Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems are among the essential fire protection systems for commercial and industrial spaces. While they can also work in residential buildings, these systems are recommended for areas where other solutions cannot be effective. In case there is some high value equipment or facilities in your building that could experience catastrophic damage from sprinklers, a fire suppression system is the best fire protection solution to install.

An effective fire suppression system is designed to save lives and minimize damage to your belongings during a fire emergency. Studies indicate that integrating fire suppression systems with standard fire protection systems like fire alarm and detection systems can reduce chances of accidents and fatalities by 82% and property damage by 71% in any kind of fire incident on a commercial building.

At Fire Safety Singapore, we offer the best quality and highly efficient fire suppression systems for all kinds of commercial and industrial spaces in Singapore. These systems are the best for ensuring protection from the impacts of fire in areas like data centres, hospitals, museums, IT rooms, factories, and telecommunication enclosures. Unlike some fire protection systems that rely on water discharge, fire suppression systems put out fires without any footprints.

How Fire Suppression Systems Work

Fire suppression systems are considered superior fire protection agents to conventional agents like sprinklers. One of the reasons for that is because the systems use unique techniques to control and stop fires. Waterless fire suppression systems are the preferred type in most commercial spaces today that you too should consider installing in your office or business. However, it is important that you first know how the system works to determine how it can benefit your property and its occupants during fire emergencies.

A fire suppression system uses gaseous discharge to extinguish fires. That means it can effectively diffuse even fires that cannot be attacked with water and other conventional measures. Whenever the system is installed on your building, it comes with cylinders that contain the clean agent, which is normally FM-200 or Carbon dioxide (CO2). The cylinders are separately kept in a protected area and connected to the rooms in the building using pipes.

Whenever fire is detected in part of the building, electronic signals are sent to the fire suppression system’s control unit to trigger the release of the clean agent from the cylinders. The clean agent will travel along the pipes within seconds to the area where there is fire. As the gaseous agent hits the rooms, it quickly begins to dilute the oxygen concentration therein, thus stopping combustion. The discharge from the cylinders is very clear and will not leave any dampness or residues on your equipment after use.

Fire suppression systems can effectively put out combustible, explosive and electrical fires. Today, advanced fire suppression systems can be optimized to release the clean agent to the specific area or section where the fire is experienced. Besides, the systems can also be programmed to raise alarms, turn off electrical equipment or even close doors and ventilations to avoid the quick spread of fires.

Benefits of Fire Suppression Systems

There are many reasons why most businesses in Singapore today have fire suppression systems. Below are the unique features and benefits that make fire suppression systems an essential fire protection system for every commercial and industrial space.

Fast response

Fire suppression systems are very fast in attacking fires, allowing you to easily diffuse fires in just minutes. Apart from just putting out the fire, it will also minimize the smoke that fills up the area during fires. As a result, you will be able to resume your normal business activities without so much downtime.


Due to the fast response of a fire suppression system in combating fires, there is always reduced chances of injuries, accidents and destruction to property. The system can go a long way in ensuring the safety of the people in the building as well as equipment and other belongings during a fire emergency.

Fire suppression systems are also eco-friendly, offering you the best fire protection without any impacts on the environment or humans. At Fire Safety Singapore, we are the experts that can design and install a customized fire suppression system for your business or office in Singapore. Simply talk to us for efficient and affordable fire suppression systems Singapore.

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