How to Prevent Industrial Fires

Industrial work areas usually have a lot of potential fire hazards that pose significant dangers to the workers as well as the machines and other assets on the premises. As a result, industrial fires can be very destructive and result in enormous losses that might even put the company out of business. Industrial facilities should have fully effective and efficient fire prevention plans to ensure compliance with the fire safety regulations Singapore as well as save lives and minimize damage to assets during a fire emergency.

The following are key guidelines for preventing industrial fires.

Training workers on fire safety

Fire safety training for industry workers is critical to preventing fire emergencies. All the people working on the premises should be trained on how to detect and eliminate potential fire hazards in their workstations. They need to know about the common fire risks in industrial spaces as well as those that can be accidentally caused by workers when performing different tasks.

If the workers are trained on how to identify and eliminate potential fire threats, they will be able to maintain better fire safety standards at the workplace, thereby preventing frequent cases of industrial fires.

Keeping all hazardous materials and assets in protected areas

Depending on the particular production processes conducted on the premises, there are various kinds of hazardous or fire-causing elements found in industrial establishments like flammable liquids and huge electrical machines. To ensure that these materials do not accidentally start fires, they should be kept in protected areas. Besides, the use of hazardous machines should also be restricted to the protected areas.

Leaving hazardous materials lying around is very risky since they can be easily mistaken and used inappropriately, causing fires. Accessibility to the protected areas should also be limited to only the people that are trained to work in those areas.

Maintaining proper hygiene, order and ventilation in workspaces

Due to the numerous fire risks in industrial spaces, you never know where or when a fire may start. As such, working in too crammed spaces with things thrown all over the place could only increase the chances of industrial fires. On the other hand, an orderly, spacious and well ventilated workspace enable you to easily identify any potential fire threats and remove them before an emergency occurs.

All the work stations and equipment used therein should be kept clean and arranged in proper order. Besides, the premises should also have better ventilation to prevent accidental fires. That could also facilitate faster and safe evacuation of occupants from the premises during fire incidences.

Observing fire safety regulations for industrial buildings

According to the fire safety regulations Singapore, there are precise fire safety measures for industrial buildings that their owners or occupants must observe. Apart from the above guidelines, there are other basic regulations that every industrial building must meet for proper fire protection. The main fire safety requirements for buildings that deal in industrial processes include Fire Safety Certificate, Temporary Fire Permit, Performance Based Safety Design, Emergency Response Plan and, Chemical, Petroleum, Flammable Materials License & Permit.

Another key requirement is that you must install or have in place, efficient fire protection systems and fire safety products. The essence of the above documents is to show that you have put in place the stipulated fire protection and safety measures. As a result, obtaining them will surely give your workers and building the best defence against industrial fires.

Checking and maintainaining fire protection and electrical systems regularly

The fire protection systems on your premises can only save lives and reduce destruction to assets if they are in proper condition whenever fires occur. Therefore, it is also recommended that all the systems should be thoroughly inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Maintaining highly efficient fire protection systems will ensure prompt detection and response to fires across all the workstations.

A lot of industrial fires are also caused by faults in electrical systems and appliances. To keep such incidences at bay, you should also regularly check and maintain all the electrical systems and devices therein.

Preventing industrial fires is a continuous and complex process that also requires professional support. Fire Safety Singapore offers custom QP consultancy services to help you understand and choose the most suitable measures for preventing fires in your industrial establishment.

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