Office Fire Safety

Offices are among the main commercial spaces that stand the greatest risks of fire emergencies. Since the office is the centre of most business activities, it usually holds some of the most valuable assets including people and equipment. As such, your office requires the best fire protection and safety measures that will ensure the safety of the staff and also minimize the risk of destruction to machines, documents and other belonging therein during an emergency.

Important office fire safety tips to consider.

Promptly identify and remove all potential fire risks

Sometimes, office fires are started by simple things like neglected garbage left around and electrical faults on equipment used by the staff. The first step to preventing such issues is making sure that the entire office staffs are trained on how to immediately identify potential fire hazards at their work stations. They should know about the common fire hazards to avoid like overloading circuits, leaving hazardous machines unattended and using faulty electrical appliances.

Apart from just knowing how to identify these threats, office staff should also be enlightened on the appropriate measures to take so as to eliminate those risks. The timely identification and removal of potential fire threats from the office will go a long way in maintaining proper fire safety standards. Keeping the office safe from fire threats should be the responsibility of every staff member.

Educate the staff on proper fire response procedures

Whenever a fire breaks out in the office, the employees in the building usually have the best chance at stopping it before it ravages the entire property. Considering the fear and confusion that fire emergencies spark, it is vital that the staffs are enlightened on the right response procedures to such incidences. They should know how to safely evacuate the building, operate fire protection systems and secure valuable items from fire.

Offering hands-on training to your office staff about proper fire response will not only save their lives but, also protect belonging from serious damage during fires. With the training and right fire safety systems in the office, you will be able to safely handle all cases of fires whenever they occur without necessarily relying on fire services or rescue teams. That could also save you a lot of money in the long term.

Conduct regular fire safety inspections, testing and maintenance

Defective fire protection systems can also spark fires in the office. Besides, some fire protection systems also run on batteries that require replacement. Normal tear and wear can also make some fire protection systems to fail, putting your office and staff in great danger during fire emergencies. Therefore, it is recommended that all the fire protection systems and fire safety products in the office are regularly inspected, maintained and tested in accordance with the fire safety regulations Singapore.

Routine fire inspections, testing and maintenance should be conducted by Qualified Persons or licensed inspectors and clearly documented for review. During the inspections, the QP will thoroughly assess all the systems and spaces to make sure that your fire safety plan meets the required standards. That will enable you to ensure compliance with the Fire Code.

Scheduled fire safety inspections and maintenance will also preserve the fire protection systems and office in good condition over time, hence, saving you from the huge expenses of frequent repairs. It also gives you and the rest of the staff the peace of mind that they have the best protection against the threats of office fires.

Keep all the fire and emergency exits clear

Fire and emergency exit are rarely used but, they should always remain clear for easy and immediate access whenever there is need.

Take immediate actions on all reports of potential fire hazards

Apart from just identifying and removing potential fire hazards in the office, all the staff members should also report the issues to their superiors immediately. Whenever such reports are made, the management should always act swiftly to follow up on the issues and make sure that they are properly resolved. In case the threat is not eliminated as required, you should hire a fire safety professional to address it as soon as possible.

Ensuring office fire safety entails a lot that may not be achieved in a day, week or month. For convenience, talk to Fire Safety Singapore for QP consultancy services and total fire protection solutions Singapore.

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