Safety at Work

Fire incidences also occur in homes but, commercial and industrial buildings are most common areas where fire emergencies are often experienced in Singapore. Today, most buildings have a wide range of fire safety and protection systems aimed at saving lives and minimizing the risks of property damage during fires. However, total fire safety and protection also requires that you understand the concepts of safety at work.

Without proper measures for safety at work, your workers and assets could be in great danger whenever a fire incident occurs. There are a number of requirements that owners of commercial and industrial premises should meet in order to ensure the safety of their employees and assets during fire emergencies. The following are some of the key elements of fire safety at work that should be observed in business and industrial buildings.

Regular Fire Risks Assessments

The risks of fire in workplaces usually vary from one to another. As a result, it is stipulated that owners or occupants of commercial and industrial premises should conduct regular assessments of their spaces for potential fire risks. International fire safety codes require consistent fire risk assessments for all buildings occupied by more than five people. The main activities performed during regular fire risk assessments include.

  • Identifying fire hazards both in and out of the premises
  • Identifying the people at risk
  • Evaluating, removing and reducing the threats
  • Recording the findings, preparing and emergency plan and training employees on how to execute the plan.

Since the fire threats may change, it is also advisable that fire risk assessments are regularly reviewed and updated accordingly. To perform proper fire risk assessments, you need a standard fire risk assessment guide that shows a detailed account of all the specific tasks and areas or systems to be covered during the procedure. For convenience and effective fire safety risk assessments on your building, simply hire professional fire safety testing and inspection services.

Installing Fire Systems and Solutions

Depending on the results of the regular fire risk assessments and your fire safety needs, there are various kinds of fire systems and solutions that should be in the premises. The benefit of working with a professional to do the assessments is that they will be able to tell you about the recommended fire systems and, also how to easily get and install them on the premises.

Nevertheless, some of the essential fire systems and solutions to install include fire detectors and alarms, wet fire suppression systems, fire suppression systems, gas detectors, engineered smoke control systems, fire protection systems and gas suppression systems.

Apart from fire systems, you should also consider buying fire safety products to provide further protection to your workers and assets during emergencies. The recommended fire safety products for commercial and industrial spaces include exit and emergency lights, fire hydrants, portable fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, heat and smoke detectors, fire rated doors, fire pumps, fire blankets, fire hose reel and smoke escape masks.

Fire Safety Training

The employees are the heart of every business and, also the ones with the greatest risk of injuries and accidents during fire incidences on commercial and industrial spaces. Since they are likely to be in the building during fires, it is critical that they are properly trained on fire protection and safety in the workplace. Fire safety training for workers will ensure that they fully understand how to safely and effectively respond to emergencies, thereby significantly reducing the risks of accidents and destruction of assets.

Fire safety training should be offered to both old and new employees and reviewed regularly. The training should focus on implementing the results of fire risk assessment as well as fire safety codes. The management can also initiate occasional fire emergency drills to evaluate the effectiveness of the training. A professional fire safety consultant can provide the training at your convenience to make sure that all workers are well informed on the essential fire safety procedures at the workplace.

General Fire Safety Precautions

There are other common fire safety precautions at the workplace that workers should also observe to protect themselves and the assets therein. These include;

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