Services for Fire Prevention

One of the greatest challenges of dealing with fire incidences is that nobody knows when they can occur. That only means you should always have the best measures in place to minimize the impacts whenever they occur. Typically, nothing can guarantee that fire emergencies will not occur on your building. The primary reason for hiring fire prevention services is to protect lives and assets during fire incidences.

There are various kinds of services for fire prevention that you can hire to protect people and assets from the threats in your home, office, business or industrial space. The following are the key services for fire prevention available in Singapore.

Qualified Persons Consultancy Services

Fire prevention is a multi-disciplinary concept that entails a series of procedures. The Fire Code stipulates specific measures that must be implemented on buildings to ensure compliance with fire safety standards. While some fire safety regulations are common knowledge, there are several things that you may not know since the codes also keep changing from time to time.

According to the fire safety regulations Singapore, there are critical fire safety procedures that only Qualified Persons should handle. These are the main reasons why it is always important to engage a consultant for help with identifying potential fire threats and implementing the right fire protection measures. A QP will advise you on the most suitable fire protection measures for your building and budget as well as how to realize the plans.

The main QP consultancy services offered in Singapore include FSSD Submission, Fire Safety Certificate Application, Temporary Fire Permit Application, Emergency Response Plan Application, and Minor Addition & Alteration Works Application among others. A QP consultant can also help you with choosing the best fire safety products and systems to acquire for optimum fire protection in residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

Fire Systems Installation Services

To ensure better fire prevention at home, in the office, business or industrial space, there are various fire systems and solutions that you should also install on the premises. Although some fire systems can be easily installed through DIY techniques, it is always advisable to let a professional handle the procedures. Hiring installation services for fire systems will ensure that the procedure is done correctly, safely and, also at your convenience.

Attempting to install fire systems without the know-how and appropriate tools could easily cause accidents and severe damage to the equipment. As a result, you may even have to buy new fire systems. Besides, you may also install the system wrongly, putting the occupants of the building and your assets at greater risk. Hiring a professional for fire systems installation will save you time and effort, while also making sure that the job is done to standard.

Fire Protection Systems Testing & Inspection Services

Fire protection systems should be regularly inspected and tested to make sure that they are in the best condition for use during a fire emergency. Testing and inspection should be performed during installation as well as in regular schedules for better fire prevention. In most occasions, the testing and inspection of fire protection systems require specialized equipment and technologies that only professionals have.

Generally, there are certain fire protection systems that you can independently inspect and test. But, you may not understand the implications or significance of different tests results. To avoid any mistakes that could endanger lives and your assets, you should always let a specialist in fire safety protection testing and inspection to do the tasks. Professional fire safety inspectors will conduct proper inspections and tests, and then offer credible findings with appropriate recommendations for effective fire protection.

The main fire systems that require regular testing and inspection include emergency lights & exit signs, fire protection systems, emergency power supply units, smoke extraction and control units among others.

Maintenance, Servicing & Repair of Fire Protection Systems

Depending on the applications and the environments where they are used, fire protection systems also experience malfunction. Besides, they can also become faulty as a result of normal wear and tear. Faulty or worn out fire protection systems are a significant hazard that should be properly diagnosed, serviced or repaired as soon as they are detected. An expert will thoroughly diagnose the systems to determine all the issues and, proceed to perform maintenance and repair according to the findings.

Fire Safety Singapore is the most reliable company that you should engage for custom fire prevention solutions Singapore. We offer QP consultancy services, testing and inspection, servicing, repair and maintenance of fire protection systems as well as fire safety products Singapore.

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