Residential Fire Protection Services

Home fires are usually small in magnitude and seem less-risky. However, fire is a destructive incident that always requires immediate detection and response. In just a few minutes, the small fire in your home could put the lives of your family in great danger and damage a significant part of your belonging. And, residential fire protection service is the best way to keeping such threats away from your home.

Residential fire protection services cover a wide range of areas aimed at ensuring that the occupants of the building and your belonging are accorded the best fire protection. A residential fire protection services company can supply fire protection systems and products as well as install them in your home. The various fire systems that they can install include fire alarm & detection systems, fire and gas detection systems, engineered smoke control systems and fire suppression systems.

You can also hire a residential fire protection services company to provide and install various fire safety products including exit & emergency lights, heat and smoke detectors, portable fire extinguishers and fire smoke control dampers. The company can also supply fire blankets and smoke escape masks for proper protection during fires on the building. Most residential fire protection service companies also offer inspection & testing, servicing, maintenance & repair of fire protection systems as well as QP consultancy services.

Benefits of Fire Protection Services for Home Owners

Despite the size of your home or household, it is always critical to have the best measures in place for fire protection and safety. There are several benefits that you can attain from hiring residential fire protection services.

Saves lives

Whenever you hire residential fire protection services, Qualified Professionals will first assess the property to identify all potential fire threats. After the assessment, they will recommend and install the most suitable fire protection systems to facilitate immediate detection and response to fire emergencies. That would go a long way in preventing accidents and other risks that could endanger the people in the building.

For instance, fire alarms and smoke control systems will alert people on time about fire incidences and, also facilitate safe evacuation. Having portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets can also enable the occupants to effectively put out small fires in the home without putting their lives in danger.

Your fire protection service providers can also educate your family members and the other occupants of the building about basic fire safety measures. The training can include drills about fire detection and response to equip the occupants with the necessary skills for fire safety.

Protects your belongings

Residential fire protection services can also enable you protect the assets that you have in the home from serious damage during fires. With the right fire systems and fire safety products on the building, you will be able to contain fires quickly before they spread to cause massive destruction on the property. There are various kinds of fire protection and suppression systems that can be installed across the rooms to help with extinguishing fires safely and quickly like fire sprinklers, portable fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and wet & dry riser systems.

Installing efficient fire systems and solutions in the home will not only protect the belonging therein but, also the entire property from destruction in the event of fire. That would save you a lot in terms of home maintenance and repairs.

Fire safety standards compliance

For expansive and high rise residential units like HDB, the Fire Act stipulates certain fire safety regulations Singapore that must be met. Failure to meet those standards not only put the lives of the people on the premises at risk during fire emergencies but, also the owners in contempt. Non compliance with the fire safety standards could amount to huge fines, imprisonment and even an indefinite closure of the property.

An expert in residential fire protection services will conduct proper fire safety inspections, testing and maintenance of the systems in accordance with the Fire Act to make sure that your home meets the set standards.

Hire Residential Fire Protection Services Singapore

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