Commercial Fire Protection Services

According to the Fire Act, all commercial buildings should have efficient fire systems & solutions as well as fire safety products. Commercial buildings include public spaces like shopping malls, retail stores, hotels and resorts, warehouses, data centres and recreational facilities. Regardless of the size or location of your business premises, there are essential fire protection systems that should be installed therein for the safety of the occupants and assets.

The best way to ensuring compliance with the fire safety regulations Singapore is hiring commercial fire protection services. There are various kinds of fire systems and products that Qualified Persons can install on your commercial premises. The main fire systems & solutions for commercial buildings include fire alarm & detection systems, gas detection systems, fire sprinklers, fire suppression systems, fire protection systems, engineered smoke control systems, wet and dry riser systems.

You can also hire commercial fire protection services for the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of various kinds of fire protection systems. The key fire safety products for commercial premises include fire extinguishers, exit & emergency lights, fire hydrants, fire pumps, fire rated doors, fire pumps, fire hose reels, fire alarm panel, fire blanket, smoke escape masks among others.

Benefits of Fire Protection Services for Businesses

Most businesses consider commercial fire protection services to be an unnecessary expenditure without any significant benefits. However, there is so much more that your business can achieve with commercial fire protection services including.

Fire safety for workers and assets

Whenever you hire commercial fire protection services, your building will have the critical fire protection solutions and products to ensure immediate detection and response to fire emergencies. For instance, fire alarms and emergency exit lighting will enable people to know about fire whenever they start and safely vacate the building before any threats. That could significantly save the lives of your workers and the other people on the premises.

Hiring commercial fire protection services will also equip your business with the right fire suppression systems to put out fires before they cause serious damage to assets and the property. For instance, installing fire rated doors can help with preventing the spread of fire, thereby saving your valuable equipment and machines from damage. Besides, fire alarm can be linked to fire sprinklers to put out fires as soon as they are detected.

Minimizes disruption of business activities

Fire emergencies can have dire consequences on business activities if the premises do not have prompt fire detection and response plans. In some serious cases, you may even have to close the business for good.  With proper fire solutions and fire safety products, you will be able to effectively and safely handle fire emergencies without serious disruption to the business activities.

Your fire detection and suppression systems can also be linked to the hotlines for fire rescue teams, making sure emergencies are responded to immediately and contained before causing great damage. On the other hand, there are certain fires that you can easily put out with the right fire protection systems on the building.

Compliance with fire safety standards

Apart from just installing fire protection systems, the Fire Code also stipulates routine inspections, testing and maintenance of the systems. The fire safety regulations Singapore also require that employees are trained on fire safety. All these procedures should only be conducted by Qualified Professionals or licensed fire engineers. Hiring a commercial fire protection services professional will ensure that your premises meet the stipulated fire standards.

Non-compliance could cost you a lot in terms of fines and, even the risk of closure of the premises. Commercial fire protection services also include the scheduled inspection and maintenance of fire protection systems as well as employee training on fire safety. Besides, some companies can also provide QP consultancy services for Temporary Fire Permit Application, Fire Safety Certificate Application, FSSD Application, Minor Addition/ Alteration Works Application among others.

Hire Commercial Fire Protection Services Singapore

Commercial fire protection services can help you protect the lives of your employees and customers as well as assets from destruction during fire emergencies. That will sure give you the peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

Fire Safety Singapore is the most reliable partner that you should engage for the ultimate commercial fire protection solutions. Talk to us for custom fire systems, fire safety products and consultancy services for commercial spaces.

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