FM-200 Fire Suppression Gas System

FM-200 fire suppression gas systems are renowned fire protection systems that facilitate the rapid, safe and clean extinguishing of fires in living and work areas. The systems are proven effective and safe for use in both occupied and protected spaces. FM-200 systems are mainly recommended for suppressing fires in data centres, communication rooms, UPS rooms, hospitals, museums, oil production plants, power generation centres and telecommunication enclosures. Quality FM-200 fire suppression systems can play a major role in saving lives and minimizing the destruction to assets during fire emergencies on commercial and industrial spaces.

How FM-200 Fire Suppression Gas Systems Work

FM-200 gas system is a waterless fire suppression system that uses FM-200 gas to extinguish fires. The gas mainly works by eliminating the heat elements of free radicals from the flames, thereby suppressing the burning process. FM-200 gas has unique characteristics that do not only remove the heat elements but, also prevents the flames from re-igniting after they are extinguished. It does that by depriving the flames of oxygen, forcing them to cool off and eventually stop the fire.

Whenever a fire emergency occurs on a building, the FM-200 gas can be discharged through various ways to the affected areas. One of them is through natural ventilation, which is very safe since the gas does not have any environmental impacts. The gas is released via pipes that are linked to the parts of the building where there is fire. However, using the gas through natural ventilation can be a bit costly considering the requirements for installing the system.

Today, there are FM-200 fire extinguishers that you can easily buy and install on your premises for fire protection. FM-200 gas systems resemble ordinary fire extinguishers, offered in different sizes of cylinders. The fire suppressant, which is the FM-200 gas, is stored in portable pressurized cylinders that can be easily used to stop fires on various parts of the building without any complex piping networks.

Benefits of FM-200 Gas Systems

Due to the large number of fire protection systems and products available in the market today, most people are often challenged when it comes to choosing fire safety solutions. To determine whether FM-200 gas systems are the best fire protection systems for your building, check out some of its unique benefits discussed below.

Rapid fire suppression

The time that it takes to put out fires is critical to the safety of the people and assets therein. That is why you need fire suppression systems that can activate proper response as soon as fire threats are detected. Unlike most fire suppression systems, the FM-200 extinguishers can attain extinguishing levels in just about 10 seconds. That ensures fires are extinguished quickly before posing any significant threats.

Effective on various types of fires

FM-200 fire suppression gas systems are ideal for putting out different classes and types of fires, which also makes them quite versatile in terms of application. The fire suppression agent can effectively put out electrical fires, flammable liquids and other common fires in living and work spaces. That is why they are recommended for a wide range of applications including occupied and protected areas.

Eco-friendly fire suppression

Compared to other gaseous fire suppression agents, FM-200 is totally clean and safe for use in all kinds of living and work environments. FM-200 gas is colourless, odourless and leaves no impacts on the environment despite the amounts used to suppress the fires. In fact, FM-200 gas is an active ingredient in medical devices like inhalers, hence, totally safe for humans, pets and the environment. It does not even leave residues on the surfaces and equipment after use. Besides, it is electrically non-conductive.

Highly efficient and economical

FM-200 fire suppression gas systems are very easy to use and do not require any expertise. With simple fire safety training, the occupants of the building can easily use the systems to safely and quickly put out fires whenever they occur. Besides, just a small amount of the gas is required to put out fires. As a result, even just one cylinder can serve an entire building, thereby saving operational costs and space. On the other hand, FM-200 fire suppression gas systems are more cost-effective in terms of the initial installation, servicing and maintenance.

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